martes, 5 de junio de 2007


Militarisation versus democracy – competing visions of the EU and the world

Underlining the need to raise public awareness of the rapid progress of plans to further militarise the EU, German GUE/NGL MEP Tobias Pflüger called for peace activists to mobilise support among citizens to halt and reverse current EU security policy today at the G8 counter-summit in Rostock, Germany.

“We must spread information about the type of vision certain leaders have for the EU and the world, and stand up to these warlords in the G8 to make clear that we will not accept such a vision of the future” Pflüger said during the discussion organised by the GUE/NGL on EU militarisation, attended by participants from Japan, the USA and Europe.

Pedro Guerreiro (GUE/NGL, Portugal) drew attention to the EU constitution and its implications for military activities. With Member States already spending over €190 billion on armaments, Guerreiro pointed to the potential increase of such expenditure unless the constitution is decisively prevented from coming into force.

The GUE/NGL will continue discussions on the theme of militarisation at its anti-G8 workshops on Wednesday and Thursday, when the G8 summit itself gets underway.